What is XSS protection header?

The X-XSS-Protection header is designed to enable the cross-site scripting (XSS) filter built into modern web browsers. This is usually enabled by default, but using it will enforce it. It is supported by Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome, and Safari.

What is XSS protection Salesforce?

Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks cover a broad range of attacks where malicious HTML or client-side scripting is provided to a Web application. Attacks against the website are especially easy if input from one user is intended to be displayed to another user. …

How do I add XSS protection header to web config?

In IIS, there’s a section in the properties for extra headers. It often has “X-Powered-By: ASP.NET” already set up in it; you’d just add “X-XSS-Protection: 0” to that same place.

What are best practices in writing XSS safe LWC code?

Use LWC to Protect Against XSS Attacks

Relying on LWC for DOM manipulation is simple. First off, avoid the use of the lwc_dom=”manual” annotation wherever possible. Another best practice to follow is when you need to bind JavaScript data to your UI, make use of LWC’s annotations like @api and @track .

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What is enable content sniffing protection in Salesforce?

Select Enable Content Sniffing protection to prevent the browser from inferring the MIME type from the document content. This setting also prevents the browser from executing malicious files (JavaScript, Stylesheet) as dynamic content.

How do I add content security policy header in IIS?

The name of the header is Content-Security-Policy and its value can be set with the following directives: default-src, script-src, media-src, img-src.


  1. Open IIS Manager.
  2. Select the Site you need to enable the header for.
  3. Go to “HTTP Response Headers.”
  4. Click “Add” under actions.
  5. Enter name, value and click Ok.

Why use Hsts header?

The HTTP Strict-Transport-Security response header (often abbreviated as HSTS) lets a web site tell browsers that it should only be accessed using HTTPS, instead of using HTTP.

Where do I put security headers?

Enable customizable security headers

  • Go to Administration > System Settings > Security.
  • Enter your HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), Content Security Policy (CSP), or HTTP Public Key Pinning (HPKP) directive(s) in the corresponding field(s). …
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page.

How do you set a referrer header?

The Referrer-Policy HTTP header controls how much referrer information (sent via the Referer header) should be included with requests. Aside from the HTTP header, you can set this policy in HTML.

What are the types of XSS?

Types of XSS: Stored XSS, Reflected XSS and DOM-based XSS

  • Stored XSS (Persistent XSS) The most damaging type of XSS is Stored XSS (Persistent XSS). …
  • Reflected XSS (Non-persistent XSS) …
  • DOM-based XSS. …
  • XSS Discovery and Prevention. …
  • Frequently asked questions.
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What can XSS do?

Because XSS can allow untrusted users to execute code in the browser of trusted users and access some types of data, such as session cookies, an XSS vulnerability may allow an attacker to take data from users and dynamically include it in web pages and take control of a site or an application if an administrative or a …