What planes does the Air National Guard fly?

Squadron Location Aircraft
107th Fighter Squadron Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Michigan A-10C
108th Air Refueling Squadron Scott Air Force Base, Illinois KC-135R
109th Airlift Squadron Minneapolis-St. Paul Air Reserve Station, Minnesota C-130H
110th Bomb Squadron Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri B-2A

Does the Air National Guard fly fighter jets?

Within the Fighter mission, the Air National Guard performs a wide variety of roles using several specially designed aircraft. … The performance and characteristics of the most advanced fleet of fighter aircraft in the world places the Air Guard side by side with the Air Force in defending this country and our allies.

Is the Air National Guard part of the Air Force?

The Air National Guard is a separate reserve component of the United States Air Force, similar to the Air Force Reserves. We work part-time, one weekend a month and a few weeks a year, at a minimum, and have what is unique to the military in a dual role.

Which state has the largest Air National Guard?

Don’t mess with Texas‘ National Guard. Texas has a number of capabilities that elevate the Lone Star State to the #1 position. Its sheer size is a significant factor — the Texas National Guard is host to nearly 21,000 troops, including its army and air components.

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How much does Air Force National Guard make?

The average employee at Air National Guard earns a yearly salary of $54,995 per year, but different jobs can earn drastically different salaries. The higher paying positions at Air National Guard include airman first class, program manager, master sergeant, and civil engineer.

How much do Guard pilots make?

When factoring in bonuses and additional compensation, a Pilot at Air National Guard can expect to make an average total pay of $147,199 per year.

Can you quit the Air National Guard?

Can you quit the Air National Guard? The same rules apply to the Air National Guard that apply to serving in the Air Force Reserve. You can not quit on your own accord. But you might be able to get your commander’s approval for “No Drill, No Points, No Pay.”

Is Air National Guard basic training hard?

Serving in the Air Guard isn’t easy. It all starts with Basic Training, an 8-week course designed to test and build your physical and mental stamina, and to give you the foundational skills you need to become an Airman.

Who funds the Air National Guard?

Director of Air National Guard reports to Chief of National Guard Bureau. 100% federally funded. 100% of personnel funding for federal missions and training. 91% federal funding for National Guard installation’s base operations and maintenance costs, other 9% state funded.

What is the weight requirement for the Air National Guard?

Must be no less than 64 inches short, and 77 inches tall when standing. Must be 34 – 40 inches tall when sitting. Must weight no less than 160 lbs.

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What are the physical requirements for the Air National Guard?

Suggested Fitness Level at Basic Training Arrival

Males: 1.5-mile run in less than 13:45 minutes, more than 25 push-ups in a minute, more than 35 sit-ups in a minute. Females: 1.5-mile run in less than 16:00 minutes, more than 15 push-ups in a minute, more than 30 sit-ups in a minute.