Your question: How do I unlock a protected WMA file?

Click the “Rip Music” tab and then select the “Format” drop-down box. Choose the “MP3” or “WAV” format for converting the WMA file. Either file format conversion will unprotect the WMA audio file.

How can I play a WMV file that is protected?

Open Windows Media Player. Go to the “File” tab on the program menu and select “Open.” Locate the protected WMV file in the file selection window. Double-click on the video and it will load the application. Play the DRM-protected WMV file using the buttons on the control bar.

How do I convert protected WMA files to iTunes?

Launch iTunes, and click File > Add File to Library to load the WMA files to iTunes. Then the below window will pop up. Just hit the Convert button to continue. iTunes will convert the WMA to iTunes supported AAC and add them to iTunes library automatically.

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How can I convert DRM protected WMA to MP3 for free?

Convert DRM WMA to MP3 With 1-2-3 Step

  1. Add WMA music files to Aimersoft WMA to MP3 Converter. Click “Add” button, then you can choose WMA files from the file select window.
  2. Select Output Format to convert WMA to MP3. …
  3. Click Start button to start converting DRM WMA to MP3.

How do I turn off Copy protection in Windows Media Player?

Click Tools on the menu bar, and choose Options from the drop-down menu. Click the Rip music tab. Click to remove any checkmark from the “Copy protect music” check box, and click OK.

How do I remove DRM protection free?

Top 14 Free DRM Removal Software

  1. Requiem – Automatic DRM removal.
  2. Aimersoft DRM Media Converter – Advanced settings.
  3. NoteBurner M4V Converter Plus – Fast DRM removal without quality loss.
  4. Leawo Prof. …
  5. WinX Free DRM Removal and DVD Ripper – DVD DRM removal.
  6. Leawo Video Converter – Allows converting several HD videos at once.

How do I remove DRM protection from WMA files for free?

How do I remove DRM from WMA files?

  1. Download and install AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate.
  2. Import the WMA file into the program via drag & drop. You can also do this by using the Add file button. …
  3. Select Profile and choose the output format that you need. …
  4. Choose Convert All and wait for the program to be finished.

Can iTunes open WMA files?

WMA files are not compatible with Apple players like iTunes and portable devices like iPad, iPhone, and iPod. To make it possible, a simple but the best way is to convert WMA audio files to MP3, WAV, AAC or other compatible audio formats.

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Can iTunes play WMA files?

The Windows version of iTunes is capable of converting . wma files, but the Mac version isn’t. And that’s too bad because there isn’t a way to natively play . … wma files through Switch, they can be tossed into your iTunes library and copied to an iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV.

Can iPhone play WMA files?

WMA is a data audio compression technology that was developed by Microsoft, which is supported by Windows Media Player. It cannot be played on some Apple digital devices such as iPhones.

How do I remove DRM protection online?

Here’s a rundown of some of the best DRM removal apps available today.

  1. Calibre. Available on: Windows, Mac, Linux. …
  2. Epubor. Available on: Windows, Mac. …
  3. Any eBook Converter. Available on: Windows. …
  4. eBook Converter. Available on: Windows, Mac. …
  5. DiscoverySoft. Available on: Windows, Mac. …
  6. Leawo Prof. DRM.

How do you use a DRM protected song?

your song is DRM Protected since it was downloaded via apple music as in “its not your” you’re just “renting” it. to use it you must buy it , to do so go to itunes find the song and purchase it. I have the same question except that I purchased my songs, put them in a sideshows, export to iTunes.

How do you remove DRM?

Just drag-and-drop your ebooks from your e-reader (or local drive) into Calibre’s main window; the software will automatically delete the DRM. If you’re pulling them from a Kindle, drag all the files associated with each book and click None when warned about duplicates.

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How do I disable Windows DRM?

DRM in Windows Media Player can be turned off easily: in Tools/Options/CD Audio uncheck Enable Digital Rights Management.

How do I get media usage rights for Windows Media Player?

On the search bar type Windows Media Player. Switch to Library in the upper-right corner of the Player. Options, and then click the Privacy tab. Verify that the Download usage rights automatically when I play or sync a file check box is selected.

How do I fix error code 0XC00D36C4?

Possible fixes for Error 0XC00D36C4 include:

  1. Use other Media players (preferably VLC Media player).
  2. Download and install the missing codecs.
  3. Convert the file format.
  4. Re-install USB Controllers/update Drivers.
  5. Disable copy protection.
  6. Move files to your local directory.
  7. Use Kernel Video Repair Tool.